Who doesn’t love a good Easter Egg hunt? We have a little twist on the traditional egg hunt. It’s our very own Lucky Little Rubber Duckie Hunt. What the heck is that I hear you say?

427513_449787431718822_941034778_nEvery day leading up to Easter, we are hiding a little rubber duckie somewhere in the pub. If you find the duck, you win the prize. If no-one finds the duck from the day before, all ducks stay in play so the prizes build up over time.

So come on in and see if you can find our rubber duckie of the day (or the day before or the day before!) Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see how many duckies are in play!

Prizes include:

  • Dinner for Two with a bottle of house wine x 2
  • Jug of beer (Finders choice)
  • Bottle of Chaffey Bros Reisling
  • Bottle of Jim Barry Cover Drive
  • Bottle of Vina Sol Spanish Wine
  • Two jugs of Stockade
  • Two free desserts
  • Bottle of Dunes Sparkling
  • Bottle of Bordeaux Red Wine
  • Sunday Roast with dessert for two + a bottle of house wine

So head on in and search out our lucky rubber duckies in the Lucky Little Rubber Duckie Hunt?