What great fun we had in 2011.  Opening our doors in August, the fun began.  Our first Uno competition was held and won by Bill York, the Mad Hatters Tea Party was a hit with kids and big kids alike and our Melbourne Cup extravaganza went off.

Then we had Trivia Dave fire up our brains @ The Duck Inn Trivia nights.  These will start again on Monday January 16, so book your table now to take home the coveted $75 bar tab ( or for those that are trivia challenged like The Plucking Ducks, a bag of chocs could be yours!)  It’s lots of fun and laughter, with some karaoke, paper rock scissors or joke telling, not to mention the foil sculpting (shown below in the photos).

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was a hit with kids and big kids alike. This glorious Sydney day saw locals, friends and The Duck Inn team enjoy the oversize chess board, yummy cupcakes, face painting and jugs of Pimms.  It was an afternoon down the rabbit hole with Alice and The Mad Hatter as you can see from the photos.  More of these fun events are planned for 2012 (see Food, wine and fun for January’s frivolities – we even have a High Five competition coming up).

The Christmas silly season was a hit with The Duck pumping day and night. It was great to see so many of you here celebrating Santa’s impending visit down the chimney!

We love all our locals and regulars – so let us know what you want at The Duck Inn, and we will do our best to make it happen. Thanks for all the laughs, fun and good times in 2011 – here’s to 2012!